Welcome to the landing page for my teaching portfolio.

One day, this blog will be a robust multimodal support site for teachers who are new to or looking to re-invigorate your pedagogical approach to, multimodal composing, you’ve got all the resources you need– sample assignments, supportive texts for teachers, supportive texts for students, a community of teachers contributing to the same cause.

For now, though, this site is under construction and is housing much of the work I’m doing for my PhD program at Old Dominion University (in the Rhetoric, Writing, and Discourse Studies program) and the work I’m doing as a fellow for the Center for Faculty Development at CU Denver.

About Me: I am an instructor of rhetoric and composition and Assistant Director of Composition who explores

multimodal image
Photo credit: Katereedsenglishsite.weebly.com

multiple ways of making meaning– using visual, aural and textual cues. With that budding interest in mind, I participated in the Digital Media and Composition Institute at The Ohio State University (Summer, 2016), hosted by Cynthia Selfe & Scott DeWitt. This website is a beginning to translating that learning experience for my colleagues at CU Denver.

You’ll find an Annotated Bibliography page that addresses the body of research dedicated to multimodal composing (on assessment, on privacy & online identity, etc…) and a Sample Multimodal Assignments series. Finally, there is a space for the Latest Conversations in Multimodal Composing, that is updated with current conversations in popular media or among rhet/comp scholars.

Welcome and, if you have content to add, please contact me directly.