Multimodal Study Group Budget

Below is a table illustrating the total costs for attending DMAC—including travel costs—and hosting the Study Group in the Fall of 2016. This budget illustrates the full

allocation of the $7500 granted by CLAS ACT, CFD and CLAS NTTF.







DMAC Tuition*

* Note: Total tuition was $2000; the English department paid $1000.






Hotel Cost: 10 nights @ 129.00=

$1515.75- $757.87 (shared room)



Per Diem for 10 days in Ohio ($59/day, according to GSA)



Study Group Professional Development Funds for 8 English Faculty (8 @ $500)

Note: Center for Faculty Development ($2000) Professional Development Funds will stipend 8 English faculty @ $200/person & CLAS ACT grant will stipend 8 English faculty @ $300/person


Mini-grant offered to one (of the 8 total) English faculty member interested in using a new software

Snacks, drinks (provided for study group participants), books




Total $ 7500.00