Miranda L. Egger, M.A.

Instructor of Rhetoric & Composition | Assistant Director of Composition|University of Colorado Denver |



Master of Arts, Rhetoric and the Teaching of Writing, University of Colorado Denver, 2002

Master’s Project: “Facilitative and Directive Commentary: The Effect on Student Revision”

Bachelor of Arts, English, William Carey College, 1998

Graduated Magna Cum Laude

Psychology Minor


Teaching Experience

Assistant Director of Composition, 2016- present

Instructor, 2006-present

University of Colorado at Denver, English Department

English 1020, Core Composition I

Approaches writing as a process of inquiry and action by addressing personally relevant issues. Students generate inquiry questions, engage in audience analysis, conduct research, develop organizational plans, and negotiate drafting and revision strategies.

English 2030, Core Composition II

Focuses on the critical reading as the impetus for the construction of highly evaluative research writing. Students also approach the writing process as a rhetorical construction, carefully determining the appropriate audience, message and medium of delivery—all substantiated with valid and varied research methods.

English 4180, Argumentation and Logic

Focuses on the theory and practice of argumentation and logic. Students practice using different types of logical structures and approaches to argumentation, analyze the use of argumentation in contemporary society, and compose analytical and argumentative essays on current issues.

English 2030, Core Composition II, Learning Communities

These Learning Community courses, partnered with Dr. Cheryl Matias in the Education department or Dr. Tammy Stone (Anthropology) or Dr. Rebecca Hunt (History) or Michael McLane (English Literature), were each co-created to teach separate approaches to advocacy and the critical composition and consumption of information.

English 3084, Multimedia Composition

Focuses on digital literacies and composing multimedia texts.

English 2060, Introduction to Writing Studies

Engages students in issues related to Humanities and a survey of analytical, rhetorical and descriptive writing.

English 4991, 4995: Senior Projects & Honor’s Projects

Designed courses in multiple special topics, including: Creative Nonfiction, Multimodal Creative nonfiction, Ethnographic Research & Linguistics of Disability


Instructor, 2004- 2006

University of Phoenix, Colorado campuses

Communication 105, 110, 215, Oral and Written Communication

Introduced students to essential writing and/or oral communication skills required for college-level coursework. Students learned to distinguish between interpretive and analytical writing while using the writing process and specific rhetorical strategies to develop position papers, narratives, persuasion essays, case study analyses, and applied research papers.

Instructor, 2003-2004

University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, English Department

English 141, Rhetoric and Writing II: Argument and Research (6 sections)

Extended practice in evaluating rhetoric and writing with an argumentative purpose. Students wrote a variety of essays following the hierarchical nature of the classical theory of stasis.


Adjunct Faculty, 2000-2002

Community College of Denver, Center for Educational Advancement


Reading 090, College Preparatory Reading

Paired with ENG 100 as part of a Learning Community for First Generation students. Introduced students to reading skills necessary to succeed in a college environment. Topics included how to read textbooks more effectively, locate main ideas and supporting details, develop literal and critical comprehension, improve vocabulary development and increase reading rates. Students are encouraged to practice reading actively.

AAA 090, Academic Achievement Strategies

Developed to sharpen students’ personalized approaches to learning and success in order to make the transition into college smooth and effective. Focused on critical thinking and problem-solving techniques including: test-taking strategies, listening techniques, time management, concept development, memory devices, note-taking strategies, textbook reading strategies, and stress-relief techniques.

Reading 223, Critical Reading and Analysis

Created and implemented to sharpen students’ abilities to think and read critically when analyzing, synthesizing, and evaluating reading material in various fields of study. Emphasized problem solving, argumentation, logic, evaluating inferences, judgments, as well gauging facts versus opinions.


Tutoring Experience

           Online Coordinator and Writing Center Consultant, 2002-2006

University of Colorado Denver (UCDHSC) Writing Center

Responsible for coordinating scheduling requests, marketing and promoting all virtual services, training new consultants and acting as liaison between the writing center, the university and NetTutor, our platform provider. As tutor, I provide one-on-one consulting for undergraduate and graduate students using a synchronous discussion forum while viewing their uploaded texts.


Tutor/Consultant, Reading & Study Skills Lab, 2000-2002

Community College of Denver

Primarily helped students use word processing, the Internet, and reading comprehension and vocabulary software and work through related assignments. Also lead visitors and classes on facility tours, and addressed minor technological problems.


Conference Presentations and Publications

Conference Presentation- University of Denver’s Writing the Range Conference

Presented research, “Exploring the collision of privacy, online identity, and the digital learning imperative” in Denver, CO in November, 2014.


Conference Presentation- Conference on College Readiness

Presented session “The Common Core & College-readiness” to teachers from the Aurora school district, Denver, CO in May 2013.


Conference Presentation- Conference on College Composition and Communication         

Presented a paper entitled “From the Outside, Feeling my Way into Disability Studies” at CCCC, San Francisco, CA in March, 2009.

Conference Presentation- Teach to Lead

Attended the US Department of Education’s Denver Summit to present “Denver Writing Project: Putting Teachers Back in Charge of Professional Development” in Summer, 2014.


Conference Presentation- Denver Writing Project’s College Readiness Conference

Presented research “Breaking Ground: Building Understanding of the Colorado Academic Standards on College Readinessfor the National Writing Project.


Conference Presentation- Teaching with Technology Conference                 

Presented research, along with three UCD Writing Center colleagues, on “Synchronous Online Learning: Lessons in Gauging Effective Modes of Communication in an Electronic Environment” at the Teaching with Technology Conference, Boulder, CO in August, 2005.


Conference Presentation- Colorado Writing Tutors’ Conference

Presented research, “Online and F2F Tutor Talk: How much is emotional support? How much is writing instruction?” alongside a colleague at the Colorado Writing Tutors’ Conference, Colorado Springs, CO in February, 2005. 


Presented on-going qualitative research at 2006 and 2007 Conference of College Composition and Communication

Using a roundtable format, I presented my research-in-progress on commentary patterns and their effect on the budding identity of student writers.


In-Review text book publication

Wrote a comprehensive book review on the text, Ancient Rhetoric for Contemporary Students by Sharon Crowley and Debra Hawhee, for Arizona State University’s new In-Review program, which provides various reviews for instructors.


Service Work

Assistant Director of Composition (present)

As Assistant Director of Composition, I support new graduate Teaching Assistants as they learn to design pedagogy and manage the classroom for the first time. My position includes attending the weekly Practicum, providing ongoing logistical support, and conducting observations of each TA for formal assessment. Furthermore, my position includes assisting the director in the design of the TA program and its curriculum.

Advocacy Coordinator for the Denver Writing Project (2010-present)

As Advocacy Coordinator, I act as liaison between the Denver Writing Project and several partners—Colorado legislators, the University administration, and the National Writing Project. Specifically, I spend a week in D.C. every March advocating on the Hill for funding to support national professional development in literacy for K-16 teachers in all disciplines.

Conducted Multimodal Study Group (Fall 2016)

Designed and implemented a 3-month faculty study group for 12 English faculty—traditional, online, tenure-track, NTT, literature, rhetoric & composition—to implement multimodal pedagogy for greater inclusiveness, diversity and competitive communication skills for our students.

 ACUE Pilot Program (Fall 2016)

Recruited by Dr. Margaret Wood, Director of the Center for Faculty Development, I am taking part in an online Canvas-based pedagogical training workshop in order to make recommendations for the adoption of this program university-wide.

Library Workshop (Summer 2015)

Led a workshop for local high school teachers on researching in the college composition classroom.

 TA Workshop Commentary Tips for the Trade (August, 2012; August, 2013; August 2015)

Facilitated workshops for incoming TAs to introduce them to purposes and strategies of commentary.

 Philosophy of Grading Workshop & Norming Sessions (May 2015)

Hosted professional development event for English faculty on underpinning philosophies that inform grading practices and co-facilitated several norming sessions.

 Core Curriculum Outcomes Committee (2011-2015)

Served on Outcomes committee for 4 years, designing the core outcomes for the composition to align with all other disciplines that make up the CU Denver core. Together, we developed assessable outcomes for the Composition Program.

Writing in the Disciplines: Re-thinking Core Composition (2015)

Served in study group challenged to explore how Writing in the Disciplines pedagogy can re-shape composition at CU Denver.

Awards and Honors

·       Center for Faculty Development Fellowship to pursue multimodal pedagogy and scholarship across the disciplines (2017-2019)

·       Master’s Research Project, Pass with Distinction (2002)

  • Teaching Assistant Scholarship, University of Colorado at Denver (2001-2002)
  • Phi Beta Kappa Academic Scholarship, William Carey College (1995-1998)


Professional Memberships

  • National Council for Teachers of English
  • National Writing Project


Grant Awards

CLAS Advancing Curricula & Teaching (ACT) grant

Awarded $5000 to attend the Digital Media and Composition 10-day Institute hosted at The Ohio State University and bring that learning back to English faculty at CU Denver.


Center for Faculty Development (CFD) grant

Awarded $2000 to invite English faculty to a study group on engaging students in their multiliteracies through assignments that engaged multiple modes of communication.


CLAS Non-Tenure Track Faculty grant

This $500 grant was awarded to continue my work with engaging faculty in a study group of multiliteracies, with a focus on re-envisioning assignments to include a thoughtful multimodal approach to composition.


Carnegie Grant for Content-Area Literacy

Received a Carnegie grant for $10,000 (two year) to advance learning for K-12 educators in the field of content-area literacy.

Work Experience

District Manager

Knight Ridder, The Sun Herald Newspaper

March 1996-December 1998

As district manager for the city of Gulfport, Mississippi, I was responsible for managing the newspaper delivery to over 6000 homes, including all supervisory duties such as: accounts payable and receivable, hiring, terminating, marketing initiatives, and administrative tasks.



Professional References

Dr. Nancy Ciccone, Associate Professor of English/ Associate Chair of English

University of Colorado Denver

1015 Ninth Street Park

Campus Box 175

P.O. Box 173364, Denver, CO 80217


Dr. Rodney Herring, Assistant Professor of English

University of Colorado Denver

1061 Ninth Street Park

Campus Box 175

P.O. Box 173364, Denver, CO 80217


Nicole Piasecki, Instructor of English/Director of Denver Writing Project

University of Colorado Denver

1015 Ninth Street Park

Campus Box 175

P.O. Box 173364, Denver, CO 80217